Prestige Oyster’s Inc. is a private, family-run business specializing in fresh, frozen, and high pressure processed oysters. Prestige Oyster’s Inc. leads the oyster industry in safe viable gulf oysters.

  • Oyster Lease Acreage of over 45,000 acres in Texas and Louisiana

  • Owns and operates 36 boats across the gulf and buys from another 80-90

  • Has three oyster processing plants (Amite, La., as well as San Leon and Port Lavaca, Texas) and an IQF oyster processing plant in Dickinson, Texas

  • Uses high-pressure shucking and post-harvest treatment for Vibrio Vulnificus

  • Sustainability-Recycles oyster shells into bays to spawn. Sets out oyster’s natural habitat such as rocks and material to support and create new reefs. Has deposited over 20,000 ton of rock into the Gulf of Mexico for new reefs.

  • Food Safety- Plants operate under the FDA HACCP program and are SQF 8.0 Certified.

Based out of Houston, Texas, AFFCO’s focus is seafood from Mexico, Central and South America. AFFCO owns and operates a processing company in Peru named South Coast Packing Peru.

  • In Mexico, AFFCO’s focus is blue crab, flounder, conch and hake.

  •  In Peru, AFFCO processes Mahi Mahi into fillets, fletches, and portions and giant squid (dosidicus gigas) products.

  • AFFCO uses the GRAS approved tasteless smoke technology invented by Bill Kowalski (the only FDA approved cold smoking CO process on the market today). 

  • South Coast Packing Peru has direct relationships with boat captains and boat owners.

  • Sustainability- South Coast Packing Peru supports the World Wildlife Foundation and participates in the Mahi Fishery Improvement Project in Peru.

  •  Food Safety- SCPP processes in a BRC rated facility and conducts SGS audits for employees’ well-being.

A customer focused, family owned crab meat company based in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Heron Point Seafood, Inc. has owned and operated fresh pasteurized crabmeat plants for years and is solely focused on pasteurized crabmeat.

  • Heron Point Crab meat is steam pasteurized exclusively from live crabs.

  • Heron Point works seven months a year on the ground in Asia supervising production and adherence to their specifications.

  • All Production is inspected for quality upon receipt in Norfolk, VA warehouse.

  • Sustainability- HP is a member of the National Fisheries Institute Crab Council. The council partners with NGOs and fisheries management agencies to promote improved crab fisheries management in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.

  • Food Safety- All plants operate under the FDA HACCP program. Plants are 3rd party audited and certified by BRC, SQF, etc.

Hilo Fish Co. is a seafood company based out of HILO, Hawaii. Their focus is on tuna products for sushi bar business, the retail grocery business, and now food service business. Their core competency is a sashimi tuna product using tasteless smoke technology or CO.

  • Direct importer with office in the Philippine’s

  • Has three active QC in the field to ensure consistent quality for their HILO Krimson and Reelfresh boxes

  • All product is once frozen, from fresh #2 and 2+ fish

  • Offers a full line of tuna saku blocks, loins, steaks, and other related items

  • Uses the only GRAS cold smoking technology per the FDA

  • Sustainability- Supports and participates in Fishery Improvement Projects in Indonesia, Philippine’s, and Vietnam

  • Food Safety- All plants are BRC certified and all lots are audited for Hilo Fish Co. by third party inspectors. 

Promarmex and Mexican Shrimp Paradise’s brand vision is to become synonymous with quality and safety by supplying markets with 100% natural, selected, and certified product. Every member is committed to providing only the best tasting and safest products on the market today. ​

  • Has a fleet of 400 freezer boats

  • Comprised of nine processing plants

  • All product is chemical free 

  • Sustainability- Committed to preserving the natural resources of the ocean by participating in Fishery Improvement Projects, Ocean Trust Certified and Supporter of Clean Fleet (See website)

  • Food Safety- All plants adhere to HACCP standards as well as internal QC team audits

ACF is a vertically integrated company based out of Cape May, New Jersey whose core competency is US domestic Scallop production.

  • Owns and operates 18 scallop vessels and unloads and supports another 60-65 boats

  • Direct importer of Chinese Catfish, Chinese Crawfish Tail Meat, Chilean Stone Crab, Bay Scallops

  • Processes fresh, IQF, Pillow Pack, plate frozen scallops Offers Value Added Products- Scallops wrapped in bacon, seafood empanadas

  • Owners of Galilean Seafood- One of the largest producers of sea clams and producers of raw whole frozen belly clams, clam strips and minced clams

  • Offers alligator meat from Louisiana

  • Sustainability- MSC Certified Fishery- See ACF website for scallop sustainability and the role ACF and owner Danny Cohen played. 

  • Food Safety- BRC rated processing facility in Fall River Mass. All operations work under FDA HACCP standards.

Ruggiero Seafood specializes in domestic and imported calamari along with assorted fish and prepared food products backed by over 300 million pounds of experience. This company is the culmination of five generations and going with over 50 years on the market. 

  • Based out of Newark New Jersey, Ruggiero Seafood is a direct importer of squid from places all around the world. 

  • Most recognized brand on the market, Fisherman’s Pride!

  • Specializes in domestic and imported calamari along with other fish and prepared food options. 

  • Offers freezer storage and delivery options to all their customers and operates a state-of-the-art processing facility 

  • 100% Net weight product is always over packed by 8-15% to insure your final thawed product meets specifications. 

  • Food Safety-Supervised under HACCP guidelines and the strictest of quality control for consistency, excellence, and value.

A seafood company based is Palacios, TX since 1952, Philly Seafood offers a complete list of Texas Shrimp. The company's success and growth are based on the fundamental principles of integrity, quality and service. Shrimping is a way of life for Philly!

  • Philly offers Texas' Finest Gulf Coast Shrimp, Wild Texas Shrimp, Texas Raised Shrimp, Bowers All-Natural Farm Raised, Wild Raw Peeled and deveined shrimp.

  • Philly manages the process from net to plate.

  • Philly Seafood is now a recognized brand in the retail and food service landscape across the United States.

  • Sustainability- They are partnered with The Audubon Nature Institute in their Fisheries Improvement Project, the pre-MSC Assessment of the Gulf of Mexico, Go Texan, Southern Shrimp Alliance and Texas Shrimp Association.

  • Food Safety- Together with Bowers Seafood, Philly has a brand-new processing plant that is SQF 2 certified for Food Safety.